Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cubs in 2006

The Cubs got spanked today, 16-2, by the Brewers. It's hard to view that as anything but brutal. Nonetheless, they're 13-9 right now and keeping pace with the division, despite having just two legitimate major league starters and losing Derrek Lee. Oh yeah...Carlos Zambrano has zero wins.

These are not the results I would have expected, given the circumstances. However, it is hard to believe that Cubs' management thinks they can proceed this way indefinitely. It is certainly conceivable that Ronny Cedeno and Matt Murton can hold their own and be solid contributors throughout the season. It's even becoming believable that Sean Marshall can win a few more games and at least give the Cubs some good innings this year. I can be persuaded to buy into the idea that the bullpen can hold its own. And of course Maddux appears to be working on a vintage year while preserving innings. Nevertheless, it remains difficult for me to envision the team progressing much further without picking up another quality starter. I've never been much of a Clemens fan, though I must acknowledge that he has undoubtedly been the best pitcher of my lifetime. I could get over that, though, if the Cubs could find their way to making him an offer he can't refuse. Granted, this grandiose concept probably sounds like the product of your average deluded Cubs fan, but why alter my behavior now? I'd be even more excited about a trade to bring Dontrelle Willis back into the fold, by the way.

Oh, and one other thing...the Cubs need a new plan against lefties.


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