Monday, May 29, 2006


Well, the Cubs are approximately 5-22 since my last blog. That hurts. Dusty received the dreaded vote of confidence the other day. The "dreaded" part is certainly apropros. Yeah, the injuries have been horrific, but 5-22? I read yesterday that this is shaping up to be their worst May in ~35 years. The Cubs need a catalyst. Despite his clutch RBI single in the bottom of the 4th against the Reds today, Kerry Wood's return does not appear to the boost to which I refer. Perhaps Prior will wow 'em in Class A today, much like Wood did on his path back to the mound. Don't think that will do it, though. The catalyst the Cubs need is a Lou Piniella or Bob Brenly sitting on the bench. My vote is for Ditka, but take that with a grain of salt. I've been a fan of the Cubs for 37 years, after all.

It recently came to my attention that Dusty has topped at least one list of baseball's worst managers - 'Nuff said.


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